Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ohhh to be a Coug....

The Cougs played Oklahoma State in Seattle on Saturday and I made the trek home to see the game. Of course, the Cougs lost. They didn't even Coug it (meaning they were winning and messed it up). They sucked offensively from the very beginning. What can you do? I really didn't go to see a win, although it is always nice. I went to the game to be surrounded by other Cougs. I love love being a Coug and proudly share with everyone that I'm 3RD Generation Coug.

There were oodles of little ones at the game and I found myself taking pictures of kiddos all day long. Andy and I went to the game together and we managed to find some new friends at one of the many tailgate parties. Everyone was so generous and we managed to meet Cougs who live in Vancouver, WA. They told me about all the Cougar hangouts just north of Portland! Very excited about that! Looks like the Palouse Cowboys also came to Seattle for the game.
Since the Cougs played like poo, Andy and I were forced to entertain ourselves with two things: photo taking and of course food! Below, Andy piled his fried clam and french fries on my cheesy nachos. Yummmyyyy!!!
I would say the most unfortunate thing about seeing a football game at Qwest field was the Garlic with fries on the side. Everyone- and I mean everyone was eating these stinky potato creations. I love garlic.... in moderation.... This particular dish made my eyes water and that was when they were about 10 feet away from me. I won't be eating chopped garlic for a while.
The game was a blast. It was a perfect weather day, nice people, good company and at half time, I saw Mark Rypien get inducted into the hall of fame. This famous Superbowl MVP for the Redskins started his career at Wazzu and I saw him play in the 80's when my Daddio drove the fam to a snow-filled stadium in Pullman back in the day. Good times. It's great to be a Coug!

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Jamie said...

How on earth did you get Andy to drink Bud Light? Nonetheless from a can? The world must be coming to an end!