Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is a mistake....

..........blogging while watching the keynote speaker for the Republican National Convention. I will keep this brief, because I try to know fully what I'm going to say before it leaves my mouth. Although I do have one very strong opinion that I need to get out.....

I do not like Rudy Guiliani.

He makes my skin crawl. His below-the-belt attacks, claptrap and witch-like crackle are too much for me!!

He stated that Obama has never lead anything..... He is wrong. Obama is leading the nation towards change and away from the Republican ticket.

Eeewww. I wish he would just stop talking already!!!


Well I just finished watching Palin speak. She is a far better speaker than Guiliani, although still on the crass side. Two things have become apparent to me after listening to her speech:

1) I hate politics

2) I am definitely NOT republican

And so the circus will continue.

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jamiea said...

but didn't you think the best part about giuliani's speech was when they all chanted "drill baby drill"?! i was so proud to be an american at that moment....and oh so disappointed that he didn't get the republican nomination.