Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Today is my sister's Birthday. She is celebrating in style with a meal prepared by her 'amazing cook of a husband' Darren.

My sister is a woman of many talents. I tell everyone how she was a police officer and that even though I'm way bigger than her, she could have me on the ground in a finger hold in about 3 seconds. She is hardcore! I am glad that she is no longer a police officer and now she is pursuing a safer career in nursing. This is fitting because she is always looking after the best interests of everyone in the family. I would say she is also a professional student of life. Her passion for learning is infectious and sometimes I wish she could bottle up that passion and send it my way. She will be reading and learning every day for the rest of her life and I really look up to her for that!!

Happy Birthday Sis!

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