Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my G-ma

I have been in Seattle a lot this summer and have yet to really hang out with my Grandma Junette. I surprised her this past Sunday by showing up for church. Doesn't she look great?!?
After church we went to the Testy Chef for some home cooked eggs and bacon. This small hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint is one of those places where you wait in line for 20 minutes and do so gladly to have the opportunity to indulge in a scrumptious, perfectly griddled, greasy plate of food.

Over breakfast I spoke with Grandma about how inspirational she has been in my educational pursuits. When my Grandma was in her 20's, she lost her first husband in the war and found herself without any work skills. Grandma was able to get a job at what locals called back then, "the boeings" and she was a Rosie the Riveter! How cool is that? Grandma learned from her experiences and insisted that her daughters had every opportunity to pursue their own educational pursuits so they would be able to take care of themselves in the absence of a man. HA! That message has definitely influenced my life and I thank Grandma for that. It was a Sunday morning well spent!

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