Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have no real excuse to be cranky. Some days I just run out of patience. The main source of my crankiness = passive aggressiveness. I can't stand this form of communication. I know that we are all guilty of this form of communication at some point, but dealing with it consistently from the same person in a professional environment... this drives me up the wall. Usually I have no problem shrugging this off, but today, I've just had it. Whew. I feel better already.  

Besides, I couldn't stay cranky for long- I had a fantastic yoga session this evening. My cranky factor kind of went back up when I found out it was going to poor rain all day tomorrow at Mt. Hood. Heather, her boy Matt and I will have to pass on snowboarding tomorrow, but again- this isn't so bad because this will give me time to work on another grant proposal for my substance abuse program. I have A LOT of work to do on this grant proposal, so much that I was feeling guilty about boarding anyway. So... Heather and I will meet to work on stuff (away from my job environment and the passive aggressive crap) and have a beer at Roots tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I have nothing to be cranky about anymore. Now, my cozy bed awaits. I love sleep!

OhYaSumiNasai or good night in Japanese!

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