Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiny Puppies!

My employee Lynda has been trying to breed her cute long haired Chihuahua for ages. Finally, her pup had babies a few days before Christmas and I have been waiting oh so patiently for them to be big enough for visitors. Last night Betty and I went to her place to play with the cutest tiny puppies!!! I was so happy! 

What I am not happy about is the fact that this blogger would not let me post any of my longer videos. I am now familiar and comfortable manipulating video with IMovie, but for some reason, shortening the clips wouldn't let me post them. So, I only have this one short clip with me in it. Ugh... I hate hearing my own voice and seeing myself (especially after a sweaty workout) on video, so please focus on the cute little puppy in my hand. 

Puppies really do make everything better!

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