Monday, January 19, 2009

off to the coast

Today is MLK day and the last day of Bush's term. (big sigh.....) I don't have anything really to say except for thank God tomorrow is almost here. My boss and many others around PDX have bumper stickers saying only 1-20-09 . I can't believe tomorrow is that day. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I'm too tired to go into anything deeper... just thank you.

I have been having too much fun lately and decided to keep it going with a trip to the coast today. Sophie and I decided to tackle the surf. The waves were big and a lil' choppy and powerful. Today the waves tumbled us like we were in a washing machine. It was worth it though. They are so much easier to pop up on when they are strong. Many small crappy things happened today, but Soph and I made the best of it. Her rental board was a piece of junk, Baby kept escaping her tent and running back and forth howling on the beach like a crazy dog, the rip tide was strong, and the best one.... a random dog peed in my backpack. A comedy of errors really. 
Look at the little guy out there. The waves were really big! Well big for me anyways.Hang twenty Baby!
Sophie drying off after fighting the relentless waves.Baby and her mama.
I took this photo on the drive home. The sunset was stunning. I just need a little beach cabin to retire too. 
One last photo before we headed home.

Now- it is time to sleep in anticipation for the single most important political day of my lifetime. History awaits us!

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