Sunday, January 11, 2009

small spaces

I had a very relaxing Saturday, reading and watching old movies. Today I worked on picking up around my apartment. I have come to the conclusion that I have outgrown my studio apartment. At first, it felt uncomplicated and simple. Now it feels downright cramped. I have a lot of stuff, and the stuff I have in this studio isn't even all my stuff! My 486-square feet are filled with too many things; a queen bed, large leather couch, bar style table, two chairs, ironing board, cat perch, dresser, bicycle, surfboard, 4 helmets, snowboard, 2 overflowing bookcases, ottoman, skateboard, decorative pillows, vacuum cleaner, dog kennel, 37 pairs of shoes, way too many t-shirts....oh my goodness there's a lot. When it comes time to 'clean' I feel like I'm just shifting stuff from one place to another. Ugh. I am so ready for more space. 

In spite of my 'space issues' the rest of the day was great. I made buffalo chicken salad for lunch and had a great workout at the gym. Tomorrow is a new week. 

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