Sunday, January 4, 2009

uhmmm... big engines...

"You can take the girl out of Kent, but you can't take the Kent out of the girl".

I grew up in what used to be the boonies. My daily drive to high school consisted of long straight roads through large open fields and by the local feed store. The infamous Ross Feed and Grocery is still there in the middle of the multiple cookie cutter suburban neighborhoods. It is hard to go back and see the development. I prefer to remember it just how it was.  

Kent used to be the joke of the Seattle Metro area. It's flannel, redneck, 'wanna be cool, but not' reputation provided material for what was then the very popular comedy television show Almost Live. I can remember 4-wheeling in my high school boyfriend's explorer, catching air over huge mounds of dirt in the backwoods. So-Much-Fun I had!! Those 4-wheeling adventures in combination with my Mom's Harley boyfriend helped me to develop a healthy appetite for muscly speed. When a good friend told me about Dodge's obstacle course challenge- I absolutely wanted to see it. The web clips are well worth a quick viewing. The only negative was that they didn't choose a few hardcore ladies to compete with the 'tough guys'.  whatever.... check it out!

Ram Challenge link
(be patient- it takes a minute to load)

For about 2 minutes I felt bad about supporting such a fuel hog of a vehicle, you know living in Portland and all. However, I was surprised to learn that the advances in technology actually make this truck get 5 more miles to the gallon than my Ford Explorer! Wow! And it has a built in Cooler! (i know i'm a dork- i'm laughing at myself right now)

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