Friday, January 16, 2009

more vitamin D

Please click here to see how today was. This Friday was almost exactly like Wednesday with a few exceptions.
  • Today I saw a completely naked dude (pants and panties around his ankles with no shirt) snowboarding down a run. I'm still recovering.
  • Snowboarding without an Ipod is not so bad.            No Ipod = free beer. Being antisocial is overrated.
  • Today I boarded with only one layer- my long underwear! and my snow pants of course..
  • I chopped my hair last night. I'm still undecided. It is really short. I would post pics that highlight the cut, but I'm feeling bashful still. me bashful??
  • Baby came to the mt. with me today. We had a hike on the way home and of course we had to take some photos. 

a photo taken with the timer....
This was a friend Baby made in the parking lot. 'Tillamook' is considered a giant Malamute. His body was the same size as a great dane. He weighs 155lbs. Baby was only mildly intimidated. This dog had the same size head as mine. It was nuts!

Another great day in the books. I have rosy cheeks and a strong desire to camp in the snow? I wish you were here Jamie A so we could camp!!! Looking forward to your visit--- 

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