Friday, January 23, 2009

my Obama post

I went to the gym after a very productive research day at Portland State University. I was pumped about my new relationship with a professor and the opportunities that could be in my future if I play my cards right. I had a lot of positive energy and I was ready to hit the treadmill at the gym. Halfway into my run, Oprah showed a video for a new song. It's called, "America's Song". The video came on and this was when the magnitude of Obama hit me. The video showed images of President Obama embracing Americans, Americans embracing Americans.... It was just too much for me to handle during my run, yet I was so happy to be erupting with emotion. I realized that for the first time since before I moved to Asia, I was REALLY proud to be an American. I know this sounds ungrateful and disrespectful, but I don't mean it that way. When I was travelling back in '99, America was policing several countries around the world and we had that bully-know-it-all attitude. When I was in China, they hated us because we had accidentally bombed one of their embassies, so I said I was from Vancouver BC. Sad but true. We were two young ladies and safety was our priority. 

I'm not sure one president can really help others forget about how we have been historically perceived, but President Obama's inaugural speech provided an excellent starting point for mending our relations with others in this world. President Obama made me feel humane and American in the same sentence. I was overcome by his images in that video on that treadmill and was really trying to breathe, cry and run at the same time. Luckily, everyone else was running so they didn't see my sobfest!  

I also decided that I would enjoy this state of pure hope. I will not pass judgement on what I think might happen, or where he might fail. I'm going to enjoy this feeling that we can and will change. I'm so thankful for this time. I'm also thankful I didn't fall off the treadmill.

If you would like to see this video, please click this link:      America's Song Video

Happy Day and Days to come!

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