Monday, November 10, 2008

blue-eyed blonde boys

Prepare yourselves....this will be another post filled with pictures of my brother's beautiful boys, Will and Mathew.

This first photo is of my newest nephew Mathew. He will be one year old on December 4th. Look at those curls! This next pic pretty much illustrates what we do at Dave and Ang's house. We sit in the family room and laugh with (and sometimes at) the boys. They are hilarious! We also managed to watch the Seahawks put up a good fight.
Mr. Will is quite the actor and spent most of the afternoon impersonating The Incredible Hulk. In this pic he is just drinking juice. I'll have to capture the scary face at Thanksgiving. He is growing up so fast!! This pic shows my brother and how happy Mathew is when his Daddy is holding him. This kid loves his Daddy. Brings a tear to his Sis's eye.

I never can get enough of these cuties!

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