Monday, November 24, 2008

edit change;Four out of the last five.....

Can it be? The Cougs have won the Apple Cup for the past four years? Edit Change: The cougs have won the last four out of five apple cups. They lost in 2006. My bad!!!

I watched the game with friends this past Saturday and all I can say is that our sh!#$* stunk less! Yay for the Cougs and their ability to kick field goals!!! 

I tried not to have any expectations at the game, in fact I knew I would be VERY excited if we scored a touchdown. When we finally did, I captured it with a picture! These things haven't happened much this season!
Temojai and Brian came for moral support. Brian's attention was also on the Cal game. Jamie and his kiddos....
Karen and I being cheesy- We went to high school together, college and now we both live in Portland. She also lives in a pretty cute house in the Sellwood neighborhood-
Hello? Had to have a picture of Eva's berets! How do you spell beret anyways?

Long story short, the last quarter was nail biting! I was so proud to be a Coug as they persistently tried with each unsuccessful completion to work their way down the field. Their minimal success finally added up and they were able to make some key plays towards the end of the game, which put them in overtime TWICE! So glad I stuck around for the ending. 

Both teams suck, but now I can officially say the Cougs suck less..... for a whole year!

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