Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little more of a good thing....

So much to be thankful for.
Mt. Rainier at sunrise.... I feel home rush through my body when I catch a glimpse of her beauty.

I'm so thankful for babies who love to dance. This would be my nephew Mathew. He's got rhythm!
How can you not be thankful for a great 'Incredible Hulk' impersonation. As promised in a previous post- Will as the Hulkster-
Whip cream is also a wonderful creation. Nothing like filling your mouth with spray whip cream after eating a huge turkey dinner! 
Had to post this photo of two of my favorite ladies: Mom and My Baby.  We had a great day at Alki on Friday. Walked the boardwalk and had dinner at a killer Irish Pub.  Thanks for the great weekend Mom!
It is difficult to verbalize how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful and loving family. Next to my health, they share the top spot what I am most thankful for. 

A few other things worth mentioning...... cute hats, flow bindings, good conversation, sonicare toothbrushes, books, free online tv episodes, pets, laughter, anything home-made with love, Febreeze, canon xti, Nordstrom's Rack shoe shopping, old people, international travel, my sister's massages, gravy, music, oh geez.... i could go on and on... too sleepy to continue....

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