Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Thanksgiving with friends

And so it begins... the first large meal of the holiday season. 

This past weekend we had a potluck style early Thanksgiving Dinner. Thomas and Tyler hosted, providing a perfectly cooked turkey, and the rest of us brought the fixins! My contribution was a pear/cranberry/Gorgonzola/walnut salad. As always, getting together with this group guarantees laughter and great conversation. It has been a little over a year since I met this crew and it was funny to sit around and reminisce about our adventures over the past year.

The Two Heathers
Heather S. with Thomas making her family's secret recipe gravy-I couldn't resist this shot, especially since if you look closely in the background you can see Heather positioning herself to take a bite out of my candied Yams. These little nuances kept me laughing through our entire Peru trip. 
New Buds- Adam and Jamie
Madness in the kitchen as everyone was scurrying to dish up their plate.

It was extremely uncharacteristic of me to play with my food(because I usually eat it all!), but for some unknown reason I decided to make art out of my yams. I was going for a Zen feel I think. I had a long day of drinking and eating (GO COUGS) and was pretty exhausted late Saturday evening. I was a bit embarrassed, but Tyler insisted that I photograph my work and looking back, why not share it?
I'm still full from that dinner and it was over a day ago. This is going to be a great Thanksgiving and I can't wait to do the real thing with my family. Thanks Friends for the wonderful meal!

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