Monday, November 10, 2008

First the bad news.....

This weekend I headed to Seattle to see my friends Bree and Stephanie make it official. I will blog about their magical day and time spent with family and friends.
  • First though, I have to blog about crappiness that happened on Sunday night. After a beautiful ceremony, dinner, cupcakes and dancing, I was preparing to leave and forgot the present in the car. I walked towards my Mother's car in the darkness I sensed that something was not right. As I neared the car, I saw two strangely shaped silhouettes in the window and felt immediate fear. Someone had broken into my Mom's car and I was outside by myself in the dark in very high heels that would surely be a problem if I needed to run.
  • I hurried back inside and grabbed my friend's sister Tegan who then grabbed a large man to accompany us back outside to have a look. It was bad. Glass everywhere and the fear that I had in someway endangered my Mom's employment. Providence had just recently experienced a huge lawsuit after a worker's car was broken into and personal info on patients was taken- a HUGE privacy violation. Each person who's privacy is jeopardized can cost any organization $250,000. So my immediate concern was for her and what I had exposed her to. Luckily my Mom is a fabulous rule follower and she had NO protected information that could be compromised in the vehicle. Kudos to my Mom, which is what her supervisor said to her this morning.
  • My next concern was the absence of my Timbuk2 bag. Luckily I took my clutch purse into the ceremony. The clutch had my debit card, a credit card, my license and my cash. I also had my camera inside, which was a HUGE relief! But, the Timbuk2 bag had some very valuable things in it.... so valuable that I have been sick to my stomach for the last 24 hours..... so valuable that I'm ashamed to admit that they were in my bag..... Due to my unfortunate insurance circumstances, I needed my passport and social security card to qualify for a program. This was this past Thursday. stupid me, I left them in my bag. I also carry around my planner(or brain), my new leatherman, 2 jump drives with stuff on them, my diary, and my old wallet (which had a credit card, stamps, gift cards, etc.). They managed to rack up $172.00 before we could cancel the one credit card. I already put out a fraud alert on everything, but I will have to be very vigilant of my status for the next few years to make sure no one is opening accounts in my name.
  • They also took my beloved snowboarding jacket. It was supposed to be dropped off at OR store in Seattle for repairs, but I didn't have time to drop it off.
  • After realizing what was gone, I started to think about the shady car I had seen in the parking lot twice. My Mom's car was the only car to get hit and it was on the North end of the parking lot, which was where a ford ranger was parked right when I initially discovered the break-in. When I ran out the second time, I noticed this car was trying to leave and I stood in the middle of the parking lot with the confidence that there were 5 people out there with me. They drove slowly around me and made every effort NOT to make eye contact with me, even though I was looking at them. About 30 minutes later, I saw the same car waiting about 200 yards away with it's lights off. It then drove around a turn-about like it was looking for somebody. Looking back, I think they were trying to pick up their co-thief and I had potentially interrupted their spree. So I guess I should be very thankful that I'm safe and I didn't have to run in my heels.
  • Mom and I went back the next morning hoping to find my bag and anything else we could salvage. We checked all the local dumpsters and garbage cans. I even found a homeless camp up by the railroad tracks(that was kind of freaky actually). We visited the station where they tested my card out with a $1.00 purchase. I have had luck before recovering stolen items and was hoping to have the same luck this time. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. I have had my car broken into before, but this time with my SSN, passport, planner and diary..... I just feel so violated.
  • Some good news..... They took everything in the front seat but the wedding gift. Glad as time goes on that event gets further and further away. My rage will hopefully start to fade soon.


Daphne said...

Oh no!!! that is terrible! How awful. I'm so, so sorry.

terri's car was stolen a couple of times, and the last time, it contained her dissertation copy that was marked with her professor's final notes. Luckily the car was found (in bad shape) but they hadn't thrown out the dissertation.

I'm so sorry. that is terrible.

babybuddhalover said...

Thanks Daphne-

each day I am less and less pissy about it all. I have had some really scary dreams about being in danger. I think I interrupted their spree, so really I'm just happy to be safe. could have been worse I guess.

sending you happy 'new home' thoughts!