Tuesday, November 4, 2008

history from the hospital bed

Tonight we are watching the election coverage from Heather's hospital bed. Heather, my Peru Heather, had to be hospitalized yesterday. She had to have IV antibiotics to fight an infection and she will be well soon! This girl is tough as nails! She has been battling painful symptoms for nearly a month. Her cup is definitely half full. In the last three months she has dealt with a psycho landlord, a car totaling accident and now this! Yet during these adverse times she has kept a smile on her face and counted her lucky stars.  

photobooth fun....
This is her 'I'm sick in the hospital bed' look, with my rockstar wig and Flagyl the bear.
Check out the size of that needle!

Wow- 8:01pm Obama was just projected as the winner and the next president elect. I have been waiting for this moment for 4 years. 

I vividly remember camping out at my friend Shannon's house in Corvallis 4 years ago. I cried that night. I have been looking the other way for the last four years and now I feel like I can be excited about real change. 

Got a call from a Erica who said that people are dancing in the streets of Portland right now. Much to be happy about tonight. Yay for America!

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She flies with her own wings said...

Thank you so much for being my bedside buddy. I really enjoyed discussing the origin of Flagyl with you!

Seriously, making me laugh, although it hurt my insides, it really lifted my mood which is key to recovery!