Thursday, November 6, 2008

music magic

What is it about live music that makes you feel so good? An intrinsic connection to witnessing in person the magic that we listen to on a CD over and over again? Last night, I was lucky enough to see Missy Higgins and Joshua Radin here in Portland. Both of these artists have a plethora lyrical ballads that I kind of like to listen and sing along to when I'm by myself. They make me happy... along with Brandi Carlile of course.
Flashes were not allowed in the Crystal Ballroom and I don't have a tripod, so my pictures are blurry. I do like the first photo of Joshua though. It has an existential, glowy, mystical feeling to it. Too bad I haven't learned how to insert a soundbite yet.
A view from the inside of this huge ornate ballroom with a spring loaded floor! Missy Higgins was also amazing! She sounds very similar to Fiona Apple, who I love. She is also one of those artists that tells really funny stories between songs, like how certain paintings in hotel rooms inspired entire songs. What an imagination!This reasonably priced concert was well worth the money! Wish we could have heard more from Joshua (i.e. lovely tonight). Maybe next time-

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